Health & Safety Resources

To ensure that you and your staff are staying up to date on all of the rules and regulations for Health and Safety, we have created downloadable resources for you and your team to reference.

Hands-on Handwashing

To properly wash your hands, you must:
  1. Get your hands wet with clean, warm water
  2. Wash hands with soap for at least 20 seconds (singing Happy Birthday in your head helps!)
  3. Scrub backs of your hands and between your fingers
  4. Rinse your hands with clean water
  5. Dry hands thoroughly with a paper towel or other single use method
Download our handwashing poster
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COVID-19 & Personal Health

Food Safety

Quick Food Safety Videos for your Restaurant

Training & Certification Programs

Since the outside world has slowed, now is a great time to refresh your memory on your food and beverage training. We are offering complimentary food safety training with a pay only after you pass policy nationwide.

Food Handlers

eFoodHandlers is a national, ANSI-accredited food safety training provider. Our interactive program includes videos and learning exercises to provide quality training options for every learning style.

Learn more about Food Handler training

Alcohol Server

Learn the basics of responsible alcohol service including how to protect yourself and your establishment from the risks of serving, selling, or mixing alcohol. As an alcohol server, you play an important role in making sure the public consumes alcohol safely.

Learn more about Alcohol Server training

Food Manager

Food Service Managers must understand food safety at a higher level. This knowledge is vital in order to effectively manage and train food workers on safe food handling practices. Study at your own pace with our comprehensive online program.

On Demand Corporate Online Proctoring for your Staff

Due to the closures of many testing centers, we are now able to offer virtual online proctoring to all of our Food Manager students. It is an ANSI-Accredited system that is accepted nationwide. You will need high-speed internet, a built-in or USB camera and microphone, and the ability to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on either a Microsoft Windows or Mac OSX operating system. For more information, please head to our Food Manager Website.

Learn more about Food Manager training