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How to get your Food Manager Certification

Complete The Course

In-depth 8 hour online course. Stop and start as needed.

Practice Test

Unlimited practice tests. Feel confident when you take the exam.

Pass Final Exam

Only 750/1000 to pass (in most states)! Some states require a proctored test.

Note: Some states may require additional steps

Food Manager Certification

Earn your official Food Manager Certification through our online, accredited solution. fast and easy program. Most states such as California, Texas, Arizona, Illinois, and Florida require at least one Food Manager to have a Certified Food Protection Manager certification. Call us to learn more at 503-726-1076 or support@efoodhandlers.com.

Online Proctored Exam

eFoodHandlers' sister company, StateFoodSafety, offers the Food Protection Manager Certification Exam accredited by the American National Standards Institute and the Conference for Food Protection (ANSI-CFP).

Why eFoodManagers
  • Multiple Training Options:
    • Self paced online training
    • Live, virtual training with an instructor
  • Nationally accredited exam with an 86% pass rate
  • Unlimited Practice Tests (included with certain packages)
  • Group discounts

We always answer Monday through Friday (8am to 5pm) PT
503-726-1076 or 24x7 through live chat or email.

Prove you are a Food Manager all-star!
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Package Options

Online Course & Exam: $60 - $86 + $46 proctor fee
  • ANAB-Accredited Food Protection Manager Certification
  • Valid 5 Years
  • Training Includes:
    • 8-Hour Self-Paced Online Training
    • Available in English, Español, 普通话, Việt
    • Exam Prep Study Guide and Glossary
    • Unlimited Practice Tests with Question Feedback
    • Food Safety Manager Handbook
  • Certification Exam:

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Training Information

About The Course

Managing in the food service industry is a wonderful opportunity and a challenging task. The purpose of this program is to prepare you, the Person-in-Charge, for the responsibility of managing food preparation and ensuring safe food handling practices at your establishment.

The Training Program will cover:
  • Food-borne Illnesses and their Sources
  • Safe Handling and the Flow of Food
  • Equipment, Cleaning, and Pest Management
  • Management Responsibilities
Certified Food Protection Exam:
  • Examination is a closed-book proctored exam
  • Online Exam with Live Proctor - 7 Days a Week
  • 80 to 90 Questions in Multiple Choice Format
  • Must score a minimum of 750/1000 to pass
  • Same day test results available

Frequently asked Questions

Your eFoodManagers certificate is good for 5 years.

Generally around eight hours depending on the course and your comfort with the materials.

After you have completed this training course, you have the option of taking the Practice Test to prepare for your Proctored Exam. You can take the Practice Test as many times as desired. We also offer a Food Manager Manual and Review Study Guide for purchase.

The test is 80 to 90 questions, and requires a 750/1000 in order to pass.

It is highly recommended that you complete the online course and practice test, prior to taking the exam. If you do not pass the exam after two tries, please contact support@efoodmanagers.com. We are happy to offer a discounted rate if you need to take the test again.

After the course has been completed and the "Register for Online, Proctored Exam" button has been clicked in Step 5, you will receive instructions within 2 to 4 business hours.

Group Purchase

Using our Business Accounts, you can train multiple staff members fast and efficiently. We offer different options for the size of the group that you are training.

Customized Web Portal and Manager Tools:
  • Manage transcripts for all food workers
  • Ensure compliance by location or manager
  • Access certificates on-demand
  • Understand potential risk through analysis
  • Award-winning customer support
Guaranteed Best Discounts:
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Invoiced
  • Subscription
  • Employee Paid
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Widely Accepted

eFoodManagers are approved in most states. We utilize our sister company StateFoodSafety to offer you an ANSI National Accreditation Board-Accredited solution.

ANSI accredited Food Managers

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