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The Covid-19 virus has dramatically transformed customer and workplace safety in bars and restaurants, especially customer service, from curbside to table. Being Covid-19 aware means you understand how the virus is transmitted. It also means that each staff member understands their role in keeping customers safe. eFoodHandlers Covid-19 Training for the Food Industry benefits all food workers by teaching vital concepts that help them better understand the Covid-19 virus and how it spreads.

This course was developed in conjuction with SASFSC.
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Training Information

Topics Covered

Course Syllabus (90 minutes)

  • COVID-19 Impact to the Restaurant Industry
    Summary of COVID-19 timeline and impact to the restaurant industry.
  • How to Conduct a Self Health Assessment
    How to conduct a self-health assessment before going to work to make sure you are healthy enough to work with food.
  • Good Personal Hygiene and Proper Handwashing
    Review good personal hygiene practices before, during, and after you go to work to prevent the spread of the virus. This includes a handwashing tutorial and exercise to test comprehension of 20 seconds of scrubbing.
  • Preparing for a New Work Environment
    Learn what to expect when you arrive at work and what questions to ask to ensure you are prepared to serve patrons safely.
  • Proper Cleaning and Sanitizing
    Learn the proper steps for effective cleaning and sanitizing, as well as approved solutions.
  • Safe Practices for Restaurant Dine-In
    As restaurants re-open for dine-in, learn what precautions to take for keeping patrons safe including: restaurant layout, signage, best practices for guest reception and order taking, and safe methods for contactless ordering and serving.
  • Safe Practices for Takeout and Delivery
    Ensure your restaurant is utilizing safe takeout and delivery methods : contact-free ordering, payment, and pickup, temperature control considerations, take out packaging, curbside delivery, and ensuring delivery drivers meet hygiene standards.
  • Safe Practices for Delivery
    Are you utilizing safe practices when delivering food to patrons? Learn what methods you should implement to keep yourself and food delivery recipients safe.

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After you have completed this training course, you have the option of taking the Practice Test to prepare for your Proctored Exam. You can take the Practice Test as many times as desired. We also offer a Food Manager Manual and Review Study Guide for purchase.

The test is 95 questions, and requires a 750/1000 in order to pass.

It is highly recommended that you complete the online course and practice test, prior to taking the exam. If you do not pass the exam after two tries, please contact support@efoodmanagers.com. We are happy to offer a discounted rate if you need to take the test again.

After the course has been completed and the "Register for Online, Proctored Exam" button has been clicked in Step 5, you will receive instructions within 2 to 4 business hours.

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Why Choose eFoodHandlers?

The viability of the bar and restaurant industry requires your customers to have confidence in your ability to provide a virus-free environment. This requires an all hands on deck approach where everyone understands their role in keeping customers safe. Covid-19 Training for the Food Industry gives your staff the needed information to help your organization navigate this new reality.