School FAQs

If you can't find your question here, please use chat support on our website.

Any student who currently has a 1 year certificate can extend it for another two years for $5.00. Please send us a list of students with their certificate #’s to We will then send you an invoice. Once that invoice has been paid, we can extend the certificates.

Yes! Get in touch with us here and we will set up a time to chat about the upgrade options for your classroom.

Please use our live chat option or send an email to

Go to eFoodSchools - select the package you would like for your students - set up an account - check out. After that, you will receive an email from us letting you know where you are in the process!

To login to your school account, go to

After you create or login to your school account, click on the Purchase Training button. Choose your state, program and number of courses needed.

If you have already created an account, click here to request more tokens.

If you have NOT created an account, please click here.

Yes, after you add the courses to your cart, you can choose Pay by Purchase Order. Once the PO has been received and applied to your account, the tokens will be available for assigning.

Tokens are what you assign to your students to begin training.

With the token email link - Students will be registered when they have clicked on the link in the email that gets sent to them.

Click on Manage Tokens, then Assign. You can assign via an email or a birth date.

You can see your students progress under the Usage button or through the Students Records tab.

Under the Billing tab on your school account, you can see your invoices and receipts.

On your School Account Main page, there are options to Add/Edit classrooms.

Go to Account information and click edit

We offer the Basic Food Handler course in English and Spanish. The Managers Certification course is only offered in English.

Many of our programs can be taught in a SPED classroom - if you need it to be set up for your class with a particular teaching style, we can work with you and your students to make sure it is set up correctly. Email us at with the subject line SPED classroom.

Certificates can only be accessed through students accounts for 30 days. Teachers can access them through their School Account for as long as they need to.

Have them check the spam or junk folder. Also, make sure the email is correct under the Usage button on the Manage Token Page. Lastly, check to make sure your school doesn’t block 3rd party emails.

If a token has yet to be redeemed, it can be recovered and the token will be put back into your account. Click on the USAGE button under the Manage Token Page.

We offer the Basic Food Safety Course & the Food Safety Managers Certification Course.

We can do that! Our textbook option and our in class videos and workbook package allow for collective classroom training.

ServSafe is another brand and company that provides training and certifications for the food and beverage industry, just like us. At eFoodHandlers, we try and provide cost effective training for students and professionals.

Check your state requirements to see which level of training your students need to participate in your class and to get a summer job - it is likely the basic food handler certification or a food manager certification, and we have both!

ProStart is a branch of ServSafe that allows students to invest their time in the culinary world by studying the art of cooking and learning how to manage a restaurant.

Our training is focused on providing an approachable and affordable training program for every classroom. No matter the size, budget, or learning style, we are here to help your students learn. With eFoodSchools, every student has the chance to learn about the Food and Beverage Industry in addition to gaining a certificate to help them in the working world.

We are no longer using codes! We are now on a pre-pay system. If you need help logging in, please chat with customer support on our website.

The user has not clicked on the link in the email that was sent when the token was assigned. Since the user may have registered without the link, the token would need to be assigned to the email the other registration is under.

The user did not use the link in the email to register.

You can assign tokens via birthdate. Click on Token Overview, then assign, then under the blue box you will see: “To enroll a user without an email address, click here.” Then follow the instructions.

The user already has an account. Please call us at 503.726.1076

The student either took the practice test or took the final and did not pass.