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Food Handlers

eFoodHandlers is a national, ANSI-accredited food safety training provider. Our interactive program includes videos and learning exercises to provide quality training options for every learning style.

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ANSI ANSI-Accredited
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Food Managers

We offer the nationally recognized, Certified Food Protection (CFP) Certification that is valid for 5 years and required in most states.

Our Food Manager training program is a comprehensive 8-hour online video course that includes case studies and a practice exam.

We offer two flexible options for the proctored exam: online with a virtual proctor, or with an on-site corporate proctor.

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ServSafe Manager training 360 Training

Alcohol Servers

We understand the liability associated with selling and serving alcohol in your establishment. Our Alcohol Server Training Program will teach your staff how to serve alcohol responsibly.

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Underground Storage Tank

Class C operators are the first responders to emergency situations at a UST facility. They are usually clerks of the facility.

Operators will learn to respond to alarms, releases, and other emergency situations. Control and/or monitor the dispensing or sale of regulated substances. Monitor fuel delivery to the tanks.

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Harassment Prevention

Training coming soon.

Harassment Prevention

Training Resources

In addition to our online training programs, we offer a variety of learning materials to purchase and use on-site with your team. Check out our DVDs, Manuals, and much more!

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Training Resources

Compliance Tracking

Remaining compliant with the numerous regulatory requirements required for food establishments can be overwhelming, especially for those with many locations. We start by tracking your food handlers, managers, and alcohol servers credentials. Compliance Tracking does not stop there. You can also address many other important licensing and credentialing activities that commonly fall between the cracks.

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LMS Integration

We understand the value of a centralized tool for managing all training and reporting. eFoodhandlers Smart Integrator tool can combine our training within your LMS to simplify your existing process. In fact, we’ve worked with many popular LMS systems such as Wisetail, World Manager, Intellum, Learning Zen, and more). Whether you need a standard or custom interface, our engineers can provide a seamless solution.

We work with many of the top LMSs including: Wisetail, World Manager, Intellum, Learning Zen, and more.

Learning Management System

Customized Reporting

They say you can’t manage what you can’t measure. eFoodhandlers provides key analysis metrics, including risk areas, based upon your training and compliance data. In addition to our suite of built-in Manager Tools, our platform allows you to create customized reports specifically for your business.

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Flexible Payments Options

We offer the following payment options to meet your needs, including:

  • Employee Pay
  • Company Pay: Invoiced or Prepay as you Go
  • Subscription
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Quality Assurance Auditing Tools

Effectively managed organizations rely upon audits to ensure quality and safety standards are consistently applied. Whether your business is large or small, eFoodhandlers Quality Assurance tools, tailored specifically for the bar and restaurant industry, gives you a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use platform for auditing your facilities. A robust analysis reporting tool means you can appropriately measure and trend your results.

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National Compliance

ANSI ANSI-Accredited

As an ANSI-Accredited training provider since 2012, providing you with the highest quality training experience is our top priority.

Our programs and the programs of those we partner with, are widely accepted in most states and jurisdictions. Please contact us if you have specific questions on regulatory requirements in your state.

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